How To Get Minecraft Capes:

In the Minecraft game, each participant is conscious of the question of how to get Minecraft capes. Accessories make everything better and players wear different capes to make their attire beautiful. Mojang has awarded their people a free cape on their shoulders for appreciation. Players try their best to achieve or create Minecraft capes as these are the symbols of their game level and time spent.

Although, It is very difficult to earn a cape in the Minecraft game as it involves a lot of dedication and hard work. But don’t worry, we will give you a complete guide to get these capes with both procedures free as well as paid.

how to get minecraft capes

Complete guide on how to get Minecraft capes in different ways:

1. Migrated Capes: Migrate your Mojang account to Microsoft account:

For java addition players, the Mojang developers have made the compulsory announcement to migrate their Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts in order to continue their game. After this statement, many players are anxious about their game. So, players need not worry as this process will not make any effect on their game. But a free cape will be awarded to these migrated accounts. To avail of this opportunity follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, you have to create a Microsoft account.
  • Then you have to log in to by using your Mojang account.
  • After logging in, you will receive a link to migrate your Mojang account to your Microsoft account. Click on it.
  • Finally, you will get your migrated account with a special gift “a cape”.
Video on how to get Minecraft capes

2. Use of variants to get capes:

People can use different variants like Advanced Capes and the optiFine to get capes.


Players can design their free capes in java edition by different variants likeOptiFine, however, these capes will only be visible to other participants if they are using the same variant. You have to pay almost 10$ to unlock new capes on OptiFine.

3. Minecon capes: Through event participation:

Minecon caps can also be called event capes as these were distributed during an event. In 2011, the first mine on event was organized by Mojang and free capes were given to their participants at that time. So these Minecon events occurred annually till 2016. Then Mojang re-introduces these capes in 2019 only for Bedrock edition players.

4. By way of upcoming festivals:

Players can also get a free Minecraft Festival 2022 cape this year by attending the upcoming event in late 2022. You can keep on it to avail this grand opportunity. It is the easiest answer to how to get Minecraft capes.

5. Gifted Capes:

This method could be a non-traditional way to get capes. Mojang appreciates their contributors by gifting them special capes who play an important role to make the Minecraft game more helpful. If any person has some creative idea, he can send his suggestion to Minecraft developers and can get gift capes.

List of some gifted capes:

  • A turtle cape was given to the billyK for giving an idea to add a turtle in the game.
  • Realms MapMakercape was awarded to the mapmaker.
  • Translator capes were given to the game proofreaders.
  • Mojira Varianterator cape was awarded to the bug tracker.

Animated Capes:

Recently, Minecraft communities have made animated capes for bedrock players which look more beautiful and attractive but remember these are only visible to the player itself because these capes are not available on the official marketplace yet.

6. Through buying Skin Packs:

Migrated capes are available only for java addition players; Bedrock players can also get capes by buying Skin packs from the Minecraft marketplace or through any reliable website. Some free, as well as paid skins with capes, are available to dress up through character creator. New skin with a customized cape makes your outfit more alluring.

Minecraft capes download Process with the help of using skins:

You can start the Minecraft capes download by using these below-mentioned skins for specific capes.

Cape NameSkin Name
Dracula’s capeis available in frankensteinMinecraft Skins
Evil Wizard’s capeis available in evil wizard Minecraft Skins
Maman Brigitte’s capebrigitte Minecraft Skins
Wicked Witch’s capewicked witch skins
Jens’s cape3rd Birthday Skin Pack
Halo Drone’s capeHalo Mash-Up
Arabian’s capeBattle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack
Maori’s capeBattle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack
Huntress Wizard’s capeAdventure Time Mash-Up
Skyrim Vampire Lord’s capeDRAGONBORN MASH-UP
Lando Calrissian’s capeSkyrim Mash-Up

Other temporary capes:

Temporary capes were given by Mojang on different occasions like New Year etc. When these events passed, capes disappeared on their own.


Our team has framed this article for the Minecraft lovers who keep in their mind the questions on how to get Minecraft capes. We have crafted all the possible and available methods for you in the market. You can further explore Minecraft games on our site. You can also check the Google play store for skins.


By migrating their Mojang account, players can enjoy free capes.

You can wait for the events organized by Minecraft in order to get a wonderful cape.

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