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minecraft alpha
Apk NameMinecraft Alpha Apk
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ModeAlpha Update
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Device Specifications:

android os minecraft alpha apk
OS Android 5.0+
Adreno 300 or equivalent
4 GB
hard disk
1 GB

Minecraft alpha release date is  30 June 2010, named as dubbed alpha android update, top-selling Minecraft Alpha Apk a pixelated game with no creation limits that make the participants construct whatever thing they want to produce with the help of 3D boxes offered same like the main version of Minecraft.

Minecraft Alpha Video

With the passage of time we have noticed numerous changes in the interface of the game, from the addition of new mobs to their transformation into world-famous villains, from the addendum of neo blocks to their architecture-based performance, every swap made a reason to attract a huge number of fans from all around the globe.

Changing gaming behavior became a substantial ground in enhancing the desirability of customers of the game over a period of time. This very successful game enabled the founder Persson to establish a giant video game company Mojang by way of earning sales copies later on.

Residents of any country or state love to spend their leisure time playing games on their smart android phones or on computers with the intention to kill boredom. In this modern era of discoveries, the whole planet turns into a global village and people can access the latest versions of any game including Minecraft alpha volume as well as Minecraft java while sitting in their houses.

You can guess the popularity of the Minecraft alpha together with other versions of MC counting bedrock, story mode, education variant, and dungeons edition by the indication that despite being more than a 10-year-old game, it is still as famous as it was in the past in all age groups individuals and is able to make room in the hearts of Minecraft lovers because of a vast world of entertainment together with opportunity toward creativity it possesses.

Features of Minecraft alpha Apk:

Build the thing of your choice in Minecraft alpha volume:

Most of the players who open the Minecraft alpha apk for the very first time, usually attempt to create the architecture they love the most in the real world. Some participants go for creating bulky architectures such as tall buildings, towers, and warehouses while few show the predisposition toward creating homes, malls, parks, and farmhouses in Minecraft alpha.

Enable you to install handy Add-ons:

The prominent boon that users gather in the alpha variant is the permission to install the latest add-ons including beautiful skins, cool attires, astonishing capes, and colossal maps comprising almost a whole world. Moreover, you can check the availability of a few new creations in the Minecraft community plus market.

Permissions to apply useful commands:

Players can interact with the adverse as well as supportive mobs, can summon them, can change the environment into shiny, hazy, or dark, and even can deal in business with the inhabitants of the cities in the Minecraft alpha game. You can also use artificial intelligence-based tools for further alterations in order to get unique recognition in the Minecraft marketplace.

Addition of Employer:

We host a viable personal server for the players, Realm. Its main feature is to provide the permission of up to 10 players to participate in the gameplay of the alpha version.

Cool player-friendly interface:

Minecraft alpha apk offers an interactive user interface for the purpose of making the gameplay more charming for the players. Perfect positioning of the appropriate icons in well condition graphics catches the individuals in its magic.


Dismissal of 3rd party ads:

I, myself in any game that I play find the ads a kind of distraction along with a hurdle in the overall enjoyment. You will be happy to know that Minecraft alpha volume does not allow the show of third-party ads on the game screen.


  • Get Apk file of the Minecraft alpha version download free of cost from our site
  • Enjoy the game with the help of our apk file irrespective of its availability in your hometown or country
  • Acquire application before the official release
  • No ads are allowed
  • Efficient game with excellent UI/UX
  • Entailment of no update
  • You enjoy Minecraft alpha music, songs, and soundtracks
  • Individuals can enjoy Minecraft alpha online


  • Many updates to the game have come
  • It can not be played on computers
  • It is a missions-less game

Minecraft alpha download free Process:

  • Look for the link present at the beginning of the post on our website in order to start Minecraft alpha free download
  • Click and wait for the apk file to download
  • Use the installation button to put the game on your android device


In this article, we have tried to answer all the queries regarding the Minecraft alpha Apk 0.0.0 that can exist in a player’s mind. These guidelines are useful and must be gone through before installing and playing this game.


It is quite an easy game with a quality interface. Players can install the apk file from our site and can entertain them with it.

In June 2010

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