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Minecraft apk previously known as the Cave game is a quite interesting plus popular game among all age groups with more than 934 million downloads up to now, equally famous among beginners as well as experts because of its interminable blocks world full of creativity, thrill, and enjoyment. The interesting thing in Minecraft’s latest version for android as well as for pc version is the concept of building a new world by way of endless possibilities a brain can think of. You can build beautiful castles, tall buildings, lovely farmhouses, and empires of your choice through mining besides getting useful resources required for the tasks to complete.

No one will deny for sure playing such an interactive game developed by Mojang studio with more than 10M downloads just on Google play store. Creativity together with the availability of multiple play modes and capes makes this game not only adventurous but also helpful in triggering logical reasoning and stimulating the element of creativity. Hence, this game is not going to make you bore whatsoever. Download Minecraft free original file of the video game from our site for your mobile which is much more safe and more secure.

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft was developed by Markus Notch Persson in the powerful programming language JAVA, released in 2009 for the very first time. Minecraft apk let you craft your treks in the way you want, permits you to be in seclusion or wander without a reason, catch sight of personable locations, build anything beyond your imagination, glean interminable resources from nearby sights, become a woodcutter or farmer or an ironman, create different materials for your facilities, and mine the glittering costly metals in order to buy the goods in the game.

The sky is the limit of creation as well as collaboration in both solo play and multi-play. As a single-player you move here and there, see the beautiful locations judge the opportunities hidden behind and under the huge architectures, make use of important building materials to create something resourceful, and utilize these tools to survive, and fight against the wandering mobs plus enemies.

Minecraft game

Who created Minecraft?

Markus Notch made this sandbox pixelated game that got a popularity boom in September 2014 when more than 15 million copies had been sold out. Persson later described the secret of game development while answering a question that he used to code the game as a hobby. Retrospective, Notch worked in sundry game development companies including Jalbum as well as king delivering mostly the browser games. Later Persson decided to leave the companies on the score of giving the full time plus concentration to this specific game development.

The fundamental idea behind Minecraft formation came from the Infiminer and Dwarf fortress basically. The main theme of the game in the dwarf fortress is the sense of helping together by guiding the other dwarves. All the dwarves come together headed by a leader if they have to work or accomplish any task including the main task of building a fortress along with safeguarding it from outside wild creatures like wolves and spiders.

As the time passed while working on the base ideas, the project had taken the form of a full-fledged game and Notch decided to unveil the game by way of indie-game forums. Notch also posted a video on his youtube channel explaining the 1.0 version of the game. Fortunately, the game got massive popularity eventually making Persson a billionaire in no time.

When Notch started Mojang in 2009 he was the only employee as well as the president of the company or studio. He then gradually started adding other employees besides developers of the same mindset and the company grew to 25 members in just 3 years time span. They kept on adding new features and blocks in the game based on the feedback and reviews across various gaming-related communities. After the development of tentative versions indev, infdev, alpha, and beta edition, they never looked back and broke numerous records including the most copies sold of any game till that time. They kept on adding new members to the team and the company was comprised of a thousand members by 2021.

minecraft apk popularity graph
Minecraft Popuarity Graph

You can get the idea about acceptance of the game by its sold copies as till 2021 more than 238 million copies had been sold out by Microsoft store as Notch had sold out the rights of the game to Microsoft in 2.5 Billion Dollars cash amount. These huge numbers of sales together with supporting stats are enough to qualify Minecraft as the world’s giant famous game of all time. A lot of versions have been released of this game so far.

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Minecraft games for kids

Minecraft games for kids are so helpful in problem-solving skills that even a few schools use them as a necessary part of their curriculum for kids. Moreover, the Minecraft education edition is extensively used by the institutes for learning purposes. Minecraft Run Race, Minecraft Tetris, and Minecraft skin creator are a few of the famous Minecraft games specially designed for kids.

Chief Modes:

Players can enjoy following chief modes of the Minecraft apk according to their choice.

Creative Mode:

The first and foremost mode is the creative mode. It is a bit easy mode with fewer restrictions and no attacks by the monsters in which players get unlimited resources besides are allowed to make the world of their imagination.  In this mode of Minecraft apk, you even can assume yourself a king and can build a royal world of your will. In another way, it is also a test of players’ creative skills and how skillfully he or she creates the buildings and architecture. One point players should note here is the in Minecraft demo, they can only enjoy this mode.

Survival Mode:

Survival mode is a difficult mode as compared to the creative mode. As the name suggests in survival mode you have to glean resources to keep you healthy in the game. This mode is also known as the mode of limited resources on the score of complexities in it. You need the food; face attacks and manage the health bar at the same time. You have to cope with mobs for the purpose of getting hold of numerous resources entailed for survival in the game.

Hardcore Mode:

The most difficult of all the modes is the hardcore mode with almost little to no resources including food along with the risk of decreasing health. Though it is somehow just like the survival mode nonetheless this mode involves more suspense and real-life touch. The hardest task in that is to find the food.

How to morph in Minecraft

The most substantial trait of Minecraft is its ability to allow players to customize the bulk of materials together with characters. Morphing in this video game means the transformation process of the participants who take the form of whichever character they want. Players scuffle to get the morphs in Minecraft by way of command prompt: /give [username] Minecraft:command_block

Top 10 Minecraft Unique Features:

Blocks World:

As explained earlier this newest Minecraft apk game for mobile is a block world that allows you to test your creativity in a completely new environment. It is your choice whether to keep the game on a basic level of simplicity or to build luxurious castles, complex structures, and personable architectures. Though there are numerous game styles available Nonetheless, you can create with the help of these 3D blocks.

Interesting Gameplay:

One of my most interesting points of attraction in the mentioned latest version of Minecraft Apk is its interesting gameplay. Minecraft that is free to play contains an area in square kilometers on its map. It would be appropriate to say MC depicts a true scenario of real-life situations. Players live in various kinds of topographies, in deserts, rivers, and mountains, and interact with both living creatures and non-living things on an emotional level. Mining the blocks is the main part of the game through which players get the resources to produce tools of their choice in order to use them to create a feasible milieu for themselves to live.

Physical interaction:

Another unique feature updated Minecraft Apk possess is the level of physical interaction it provides to players. It actually provides you with an opportunity to live on a new planet. Players cope with everything on MC Apk earth physically which could be the reason to build confidence in individuals in actual-world situations.

Full of adventures:

An interesting feature that makes a game quite popular with players is the presence of unpredictable adventures which are in abundance in the Minecraft apk. Various creatures can attack in the night mode or some even in the daytime mode if players do not live in proper places or in the caves produced by them. After every 20 minutes mode is changed and it is advisable for the players to build shelters for the purpose of avoiding night attacks by monsters.

Trigger Creativity:

Minecraft Apk is not just a game but a channel also that triggers the creativity of a person. For example, you need the food in the game to keep yourself healthy. Here comes your creativity and you can be a farmer grow crops and glean the fruits. Every player will respond differently and will take unique measures in order to get the food. It is the real beauty of this game without any exception.


Rewards in any game are the reason to keep the interest of the players alive and keep away the element of getting bored. Minecraft apk game is also awards enrich game offering gems and money that can be used by you to buy handy resources helpful in not only coping with knotty situations but also in producing viable game structures. Whenever you complete a task or cross a level you are awarded imperative resources such as money together with coins.

Addictive game:

Minecraft is an addictive game and you can spend many hours playing it because of the features this brilliant game offer. Generally, those games are considered addictive and offer endless elements, tasks, or levels, and Minecraft is also one of them. You cannot cease yourself from falling in love with this interesting game.

Lightweight game:

You will be happy to know about this feature that Minecraft apk is quite a lightweight game and takes very less space on your device. You do not face any sort of lagging as you do in the case of other complex heavy games of the modern age. This attribute makes it an excellent choice for the players who use medium-quality phones and worry about the size of the game.

Helpful for kids:

Minecraft can not only improve creative skills in children but also can increase their ability to face unanticipated plots. It can be helpful in enhancing kids’ planning abilities together with producing a sense of becoming more organized in actual existence.

A word on Graphics:

Being a game of 3D cubes, the Minecraft apk contains round about 35 million cubicles that paint the Minecraft world in front of you. In terms of graphics, this game falls in the classic category of low graphics.

Easily available:

Availability comes first in case of any game no matter what. The availability of this 3D blocks game makes the way of players easy. It is available on all famous platforms as well as on all play stores including Google Play. It is a common perception we face problems while downloading games from different platforms but that is not the case with Minecraft at all. You can easily download it from the link above.

Compatible with Android devices:

All Minecraft variants including the main version, pocket edition, Minecraft story mode, dungeons edition, and bedrock edition are completely compatible with the android operating system. We as game lovers do not like the hassle of downloading a game and on installation getting the error of compatibility-related issues. MinecraftApk has no compatibility issues of any sense, just get the game for your android device and you are all set to experience this new world of blocks.

How to download Minecraft apk free?

  • Click on the link given on our site in order to download Minecraft for free.
  • Remember! Minecraft download size is 184MB You will be directed to the download page.
  • The Minecraft Apk download will start in a few seconds.
  •  Install Minecraft free by allowing apps from unknown resources to be installed and play the game.

System Specifications:

android os minecraft
OS Android
gpu requirement for minecraft
Adreno 300 Series
RAM for minecraft
4 GB
hard disk for playing minecraft
1 GB


In the end, we can say Minecraft apk is a game with infinite probabilities and possibilities for gamers in an environment so close to real life. Moreover, sundry modes available open more opportunities for us to try this game in the surroundings of our own choice. We explore maps, make weapons and prepare according to the screenplay.

If you have any questions related to it feel free to get in touch with myminecraftapk.com in the comments section. Our heart and doors are open for you. You can also download Pocket version v1.19.20.20 from our site.

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