Minecraft Bedrock Apk

Minecraft bedrock apk
Apk NameMinecraft Bedrock Apk
Size90 MB
OSAndroid 4.2 Jelly Bean
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Device Requirements:

android for minecraft bedrock apk
OS Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
Any with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
3 GB
hard disk
1 GB

Get the Minecraft bedrock edition download free here. Released in Sept 2017 for the first time, the Minecraft bedrock Apk possesses plenty of new fun for the users including new longbows, swords, pillages, neo blocks, bricks, a huge variety of plants, flowers, cool indicators, and much more of main Minecraft version sufficient to capture a person in its personable brand new surroundings.

Many versions of the Minecraft bedrock edition have been released till now, 1.9.0 is the latest one that not only transfers many interesting appearance abilities into the blocks but also shows the entire milieu in pleasing to eye format that was not present in the previous versions of the game.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Video

The main reason behind the build of the Minecraft bedrock edition was to provide compatibility support for the sundry user devices as the java edition was inadequate to play the part on the score of demanding higher system specifications. Developers have used the support of powerful plus portable languages C as well as C++ in order to make this bedrock version of the game so that it can be played with mastery on every play station including Xbox.

Minecraft bedrock download free

Salient Features in brand new Minecraft Bedrock Apk edition:

Support modest platforms:

As described earlier, It was impossible for many users to go through this wonderful Minecraft bedrock Apk game in java edition because of its deficiencies to run on low-end platforms, hence the Minecraft bedrock edition Apk has been released to achieve the goal of making it available as well as compatible for lower platforms so that they also can focus on the world building instead of entangling themselves in compatibility related matters.

No registration is required in Minecraft bedrock edition Apk:

This feature permits users to enter into the game without any hassle of looking and struggling for login credentials on the internet, even the best thing about it is that it does not require any sort of Minecraft store registration by trying to keep users away from extra tasks as much as it can.

Smooth Play:

We see a smooth play in the bedrock edition Apk because of optimized in-game settings. Moreover, the high frames per second rate not only add quality but also present the graphics of the game in a more smooth form for the players. We notice many games lagging due to low FPS rates, but fortunately, that is not the case with this game.

Cease Players from changing settings:

A new feature that we notice in this bedrock edition is the extra authority given to the players. Yes! Indeed. A player can cease another player from changing imperative settings of the game by way of the Lock Template Option. If one user enables this option, the other participant cannot modify any element of the world until this feature is toggled back.

Separate Commands:

The commands of bedrock apk are different from the commands we used to use in the java version of this game. There is extensive support for JSON types files present in the header section. Some commands of this edition are similar to that of the legacy java version that came before the new update of 1.13 versions.

Translate more quickly:

The additional feature of JSON configuration in Minecraft bedrock Apk enables you to translate text written on the blocks or in books with ease. Furthermore, the appearance of the translate button on the menu not only fastens the process of translation to a great extent but also serves as a quick handy tool for conversion.

Allow the use of traditional tags:

This version lets you enjoy the play by allowing you to use assign the traditional tags of identity to not only players but also to multiple elements of the game. This is helpful in the multiplayer game when you have to identify a participant out of many. It also gives you the capability to remove the tag whenever you want.


As we all are familiar with the fact of some changed settings that are specifically linked to Minecraft bedrock edition just but the playability of the game remains the same as we notice in other cool versions of the game. We see all previous classic settings, plots, methods of executing and accomplishing the tasks, fights with the mobs, and the process of building architectures.

LevelDB storage:

Another most alluring feature in Minecraft bedrock Apk is the support of ordered mapping built by Google. In this each string key is assigned a unique string value, it is called mapping. In the LevelDB storage type, data is stored in the form of a merged tree which forms an optimized set of data feasible for the large writes at a time.

Minecraft bedrock edition apk

Minecraft bedrock achievements in building blocks of Minecraft bedrock Apk:

Plants and flowers:

Colorant beauties are requisites for any setting, hence the case with the flowers and plants in this Minecraft bedrock game apk. We observe more variety of not only plants but flowers also in the MC bedrock editions. Basically, these flowers are crafted for decoration purposes in sequence to make the habitat lush together with charming.

Brand new blocks:

Another big perception of us in the list of changes in the brand new appearance of the blocks. The blocks are present with a unique appearance and special functionalities in the Minecraft bedrock Apk, conversely, in the previous editions, we observed blocks with low graphics and with plain textures.

New buildings, walls, and stairs:

There are some other important additions for us including new buildings, pop-out staircases, hidden staircases, and knotty to find secret staircases into the walls. You can also build new secret staircases that are opened with the help of an item frame. Moreover, the bedrock edition has added a new feature of passing through the walls.

Captivating surroundings:

As we all play the games in order to go into a virtual world from the real world worries, the surrounding must be captivating enough to fade our problems. This game distributes a myriad of opportunities we are in need of by presenting attractive backgrounds and sweet sceneries throughout the play.

New Crossbows:

We can craft a firework crossbow easily in the Minecraft bedrock Apk. Some players try to use the infinity command in case of crossbows so that I do not consume the arrows but it is null and void. It still counts the number of arrows thrown. Another new crossbow feature in it for the players empowers fast recharge along with the feature of attempting a multi-shot try.

Up-to-date tables:

All kind of tables has been updated in this style of play. We observe now modified map tables as well as decorative tables ameliorated with small textures in high-definition graphics. Modern settings require modern furniture for sure and it has been done in Minecraft bedrock edition settings.

Appealing bells and addition of Bamboo Appearance:

We spot glimpses of appealing bells added to increment the beauty of the overall surroundings. Another funny addition is the addition of bamboo that can appear in front of you at any time from the woods. Furthermore, the scenes of burning bells due to lava produce an ancient era feel that we usually enjoy in the movies. You can search for these bells in the village gathering points.

Minecraft bedrock apk

Changes in the interface of the bedrock game:

Throw messages about animals’ death into the chat:

Instead of getting notifications about the death of animals in legacy variants, we are provided with a change in the interface now and players get the messages about deceased animals into their chats in lieu of in form of notifications. It has lowered the distraction to a great extent as compared to classical versions we used to play ahead of that.

The new look of the main menu:

Another big change in the interface for players is the new look of the main menu that is encompassed by setting buttons. We can see a few new controls too on the main menu that were absent ahead. These more control buttons increase the playing capability of a contestant in the bedrock edition gameplay.

Allow you to create your avatar:

The cool attribute in my opinion is the ability to change your avatar because it is something that sticks to you throughout the game. It makes you rise as a separate identity for the other participants. You can not only customize but also choose from enormous variations offered by the developers in Minecraft bedrock Apk.

State-of-the-art Submit response button:

A handy tool that gives permission to the users to submit feedback is specifically added in the pause menu of the main bar with the intention of appending to get the response about flaws in the play and about gathering useful information pertaining to features to put in the next coming editions.

Instantaneous respawn attribute:

This unique property saves a lot of time for the participants as it restores the play just after the failure. You can access this feature in the “game rule” command of the bedrock edition application.

The position of the learning button has been changed:

“Learning button” has been repositioned in this new Minecraft bedrock apk edition 1.19 and it is adjusted in the settings menu for better organization of resources and in order to make this easily accessible in a user-friendly interface.

Use Lava for filing:

We can fill our large cauldrons with lava in this specific 1.19 Minecraft bedrock Apk edition but always keep in mind lava vanishes from the cauldron if it gets in contact with the water. Patronized by the comparator, we get Redstone indication power up to 3 in the course of the play.


  • You can use conventional tags in it
  • No kind of registration entailed


  • It is not updated automatically
  • You can experience a bit of lagging

Minecraft bedrock download free (Minecraft bedrock descargar gratis):

  • Look for the link given under the table at the inception of the post
  • Click that Minecraft bedrock edition free download button
  • The Apk file will start downloading in less than 5 seconds
  • Install the file and you are good to go
minecraft bedrock edition sales data
Minecraft bedrock edition sales data graph


Going through all the substantial attributes of the Minecraft bedrock Apk edition game we can say it is a superb edition jam-packed with in-demand characteristics of this era. It undoubtedly includes all the methodologies that are in need of modeling the gaming trip for a player out-and-out as well as joyful. If you are Looking for other Minecraft android versions, check the home page of our website.


You can acquire Minecraft Bedrock latest version free from the link given above on our website.

No, you do not require any kind of permission.

Yes, it is available free.

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