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Minecraft demo
Apk NameMinecraft Demo/Lite version
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Device Specifications:

android os minecraft demo
OS Android 4.0+
Adreno 300 series
4 GB
hard disk
1 GB

Minecraft demo commonly known as Minecraft lite pocket edition was made available by Mojang for the players on October 21, 2013, for the very first time with bound functionality and restricted resources. After the time span of 1-year Mojang, ousted the latest version for windows 8+ phones on December 10, 2014. It encompasses the same environment as we see in the main version of the game but for a limited time with fewer tools and controls in the playability.

Demo of Minecraft Video

Some users download the Minecraft demo just to check the live performance and whether their device is in line with the specification required to play the main game. The good thing about this Minecraft lite is it delivers what it claims. Players find entertainment in the same roads, parks, lakes, mountains, and deserts but also cherish the beauty of greenery and jungles along with an astonishing real wandering experience in the Minecraft pe lite Apk, nevertheless, you face some limitations including:

  • The availability of just half the number of blocks in Minecraft pe lite that is 18 out of 36 total blocks in the regular mode of the game
  • You can not save the world in Minecraft lite Apk to be used in the original PE variant of the game
  • Unavailability of multiplayer functionality
Minecraft demo apk

Properties of the demo version:

5 in-game days allowed in Minecraft lite Apk:

You get the rights to play the Minecraft demo apk game for 5 in-game days. One day in the game equals 20 minutes in the real world, so you are allowed a total of 100 minutes to enjoy the gameplay in the demo in which you scavenge to glean the natural raw resources including a bunch of trees, water, and mud and then you strive to form sundry tools entailed to confirm your lively survival in the play.

Play any mode:

Players are given the choice to play any mode in the demo app same as the regular variant of Minecraft. You can hunt animals, grow crops, trade with other people, build unique structures and can collect as well as prepare the materials for your survival in the demo mode. Moreover, the charms of rising and setting the sun, the thunder of the clouds, the beauty of dawn and dusk, and the alluring get-together of the clans remain the same.

Minecraft pocket edition demo

Minecraft Apk demo is completely free:

Users can test out the world-famous game Minecraft for a short period of time by way of a demo version free for android devices. They are permitted to go and mine for costly metals: gold, silver, and platinum along with coins and make use of them where ever they wish to spend these shimmering gems of the game. Furthermore, players shape the world of their minds, some scuffle to produce enormous shopping malls while some go on destroying large cities in lieu of building. It all depends on the will of the players.


  • Allow users to experience the Minecraft world before purchasing the game app
  • Interact with the blocks irrespective of your location
  • Build the world of your imagination for a limited 1 hour 40 minute time same as legacy editions


  • Players face some on-screen errors during the game processing
  • Support single-player mode only.

Minecraft demo download procedure:

  • You can get minecraft pocket edition demo apk free by clicking on the download button
  • It will redirect you to free download page
  • Click green button to incept the downloading process, Minecraft lite download will start automatically


No, it is for a limited time.

Yes, it provides the same environment identical to the main version to participants.

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