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Apk NameMinecraft Earth Apk
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OSAndroid 4 Jelly Bean
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Device Requirements:

android for minecraft earth apk
OS Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
Adreno 630
4 GB
hard disk
1 GB

Released on October 17, 2019, by Mojang, the Augmented reality-based Minecraft earth Apk aims to transfer complement controls of embellishing and constructing architectures plus houses of their players’ choice with the help of classical boxes according to their own will in the game. Moreover, it was created on the idea of a more social video game with plenty of public interaction in gameplay.

Players can visit their neighbors in the same way they do in the original Minecraft version, can trade with them, can talk and make decisions on cultural issues, and can also have parties in common places in the Minecraft earth edition. Another beauty of this game is its ability to deliver the authority to a group of players to work in collaboration on common masterpieces and targets.

Minecraft Earth Video

It was a game very close to reality and socialism but unfortunately, it was discontinued in the mid of June 2021 because of Covid-19 as protocols related to banning outdoor activities were made on the score of a pandemic. Players with the remaining assets in the game received compensation in terms of free bedrock edition.

The good news for you here is that you can still get the latest available version 0.33.0 of Minecraft earth from our website just with a single click.

minecraft earth apk free for android

Salient Attributes of Minecraft Earth Apk:

Anomalies are fixed:

The first and foremost awaited attribute of earth Apk free the users from the dilemma of errors plus anomalies. All sort of bugs is fixed in this edition of the application. You no longer notice unnecessary lags, on-screen bugs, and alert messages in front of you while enjoying the Minecraft earth gameplay.

Reality-based settings:

You can cherish the real-world settings in Minecraft earth including the walk on the track in the park, the cultivation of fields in the same way as we do in unfeigned life, a row of colorful plants on the edges of roads, and much more on the basis of augmented reality(AR) which we notice less in pocket edition apk.

minecraft earth

Opportunity to glean resources in inception:

Before jumping into the creation scenarios, players embark upon adventurous journeys in order to glean the utilities along with rewards and boons out of large entities of land entailed to make the objects and then objects into bulky pixelated architectures. In the course of these risk-full adventures, users also discover the combat locations.

Self-built clique:

Minecraft earth Apk bolsters the formation of groups of as many members as the clique want. It is the real beauty of the earth edition because it provides participants with the flexibility of making a larger or smaller group on the base of game settings building the eventful expedition scenarios further interesting.

Major masterpieces and neo mobs:

Minecraft earth game delivers a few attention-seeking masterpieces, animals plus objects containing a huge variety of cows including Dairy cows and Umbra cows, fuzzy sheep together with lean sheep. All these new animals add an additional charming impact on the surroundings and on the participants.

A new level of interactivity:

In this Minecraft earth edition, people and passers-by not only cherish the creations of other players but also interact with them as well as can enhance their functionalities easily. This feature put on a component of popularity for the winners and high achievers in the game.


  • Implementation of Augment Reality on antiquated blocks
  • Bugs are resolved and fixed
  • Increased built-speed
  • Liberty to make as many team members groups as you want


  • Involve no player-vis-player fights
  • No on the spot combats

Minecraft Middle Earth Community:

Minecraft middle earth community is a group of people who scuffles to form a new world based on the papers of JRR Tolkien. Competitions together with numerous events are arranged by the community in which anyone can not only actively take part but also attempt to collaborate in designing enormous land patches, farmhouses, and jungles.  

Salient features of Minecraft Earth 0.33.0 update:

  • Closing update of Minecraft earth edition
  • The introduction of the super season
  • lessened crafting time.
  • Shrink in synthesis time
  • Addendum of sooty pig and Gold coated chicken.
  • New Minecraft earth mobs
Minecraft earth download

Minecraft Earth download process:

  • Find the link to Minecraft earth Apk download free under the specifications table
  • Click the download apk button
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • Install the game and enjoy


It would be appropriate to say Minecraft earth Apk is a truly real-life base game besides a true representation of the players’ work and their art to all participants in the game. You can further explore Minecraft-Apk’s on the home page.


Diamonds are present under the ground in the earth edition.

It is created by a Swedish video game studio named Mojang studio.

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