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Minecraft education edition apk
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Device Requirements:

android os minecraft education edition
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3 GB
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You can get Minecraft education edition Apk download free from our platform. It is a game designed for learning purposes; combines the properties of an open-world main Minecraft game together with handy teacher controls in order to promote more engagement plus collaboration. This game-based learning platform is perfect for small organizations, non-profits, plus schools.

It not only offers a great learning experience but also attempts to fulfill the needs of modern 21st-century skills requirements. Teachers consider it a viable option for classrooms because of its capability of bringing complex ideas to life together with easy classroom interactivity. Problem-solving, result-driven activities, and impressive learning in a digital environment are some of the main attributes of the Minecraft education edition Apk.

This educational version serves the needs of teachers and pupils both by offering a bulk of free downloadable resources that is easy to integrate into the learning-based games. Sandbox dynamics of Pocket edition along with Minecraft education edition skins in a controlled environment by the instructors do wonders for sure as it provides assistance in remote learning by allowing maximum of 30 students in the play.

Beta testing of the education edition happened in September 2016 and later it was released for Microsoft users in 2018. The good thing about it is that it does not only help in the learning process but also supports building core moral values pertaining to good citizenship, responsibility as well as discipline.

minecraft education edition free download


High School Minecraft

It has been noticed in many countries including Sweden that high schools of different local communities are now making Minecraft lessons mandatory for the pupils. Because of this usage sometimes we call education edition high school Minecraft.

Easy Classroom collaboration:

Minecraft education edition is a game with a learning purpose in it. It allows students to talk to each other, work on the same projects simultaneously and play their part according to their ability level. It can be the first step also entails putting enough confidence in them for the physical collaboration. They build problem-solving skills in a compact environment this way.

Offer more controls:

The most prominent feature of this Minecraft education edition Apk is its function to furnish useful controls to the teachers during the gameplay. It makes the teacher being capable to mute or allowing the students at any instant time. The controls here apply to individuals instead of applying to the entire environment of the game. These grass-root level controls make this a unique platform for educationists.

Available for multiple institutes:

Enrich with numerous attributes, the Minecraft education edition is available for k-12 schools, colleges, non-profits, and private learning institutes. You just need the Microsoft 365 account to access this wonderful game. If you own login credentials for MS 365 business account, you have no need to go anywhere else as you are capable to enjoy it with that login and password.

Assist in remote learning:

Remote learning can be attractive and fun if it is game-based. With the passage of time, it is going to be more and more difficult for people to move physically to places of knowledge. Developers are working day and night in order to rummage for feasible solutions that can lessen troubles and can make the learning journey for people a piece of cake on their doorsteps. Minecraft education edition apk solves the problem and is just one of these possible solutions struggling to pave the way for easy education.

Impressive support system:

This edition put forward a unique support system for the educators by way of allowing them to discuss the knotty ideas, problems, and solutions with the online community. It is not just a game but a complete world full of knowledge where many online pros in the global pool of Minecraft educators are present to address your queries of any kind related to the field of education and learning.

Enhance reading capabilities:

Fascinating the reader is another perfect trait of this version. The visual attention system of the game not only attracts the students to colorful sandbox graphics but is also conducive for them to read the text that the game frame shows. It improves reading power quickly by involving the students in more practice.

Support Subject-wise assessment:

Minecraft Education Edition Apk possesses subject-wise distribution of resources and tools. It does not matter what kind of subject you inculcate to pupils, it is equally useful for you as it is for any other subject teacher because of the availability of a wide variety plus a range of assessment resources.

Help in learning Social study:

You can use this education game to help students learn social studies. Students work in groups or in pairs in order to get the objectives or accomplish different tasks. They encourage besides motivate each other and create a different kinds of living places like villages and cities. All this social stuff enhances not only the spirit of responsibility but also seeds the basic understanding of maps in students.

Help in understanding Math:

When players work in Minecraft Education variant on various projects as a unit, they go through the basic mathematics elements like volume, cubes, and area. They get the basic know-how about fundamental building blocks, repetitive sequences along with number concepts that assist them in building boxed patterns.

graph on understanding the impact of minecraft education edition
The graph on understanding the impact of Minecraft education edition


As we all are conversant with the fact that the Minecraft education edition apk holds almost more than 290 biomes. Players move around deserts, go in jungles, bask upon the beaches and rest under the stars. All these biomes are a perfect source for learning biological concepts of habitation including plants and animals.


Each subject has different resources in it. In the chemistry tools pack, there are options that buttress students in creating periodic tables with the help of blocks. So, this education edition is aimed at teaching pupils the core concepts of chemistry. Moreover, you can create Minecraft education edition recipes by combining various compounds with each other.

Lesson plans based on age groups:

Another unique feature of the education edition is the availability of age and subject-wise lesson plans. Some of the lesson plans are built-in nonetheless many user-defined plans are also available in the library so that community can use them according to their needs and demands. The good things about it are the element of no complexity in choosing the appropriate courses.

Effective communication:

It is observed that the education variant of the Minecraft game has become the source to develop strong communication skills together with other soft skills in students. It is a successive tool through which kids face advanced challenges and communicate possible solutions with their fellows. It is one side of the picture; the other aspect is for the teachers who can deliver the message to the whole unit at a time by way of chat. Is not it that easy? Yes!

The bulk of training videos:

Excessive videos are present on the online Minecraft portal to make the teaching-learning process quite easy for all. Here, mentors are connected with the teachers, and teachers are connected with the students and they all share a vast cloud of knowledge in them. It is in fact an edge for both novices as well as for experts.

Acara-based curriculum:

Minecraft education edition Apk focus on curriculum standard and follow the Australian curriculum 2017 in all its tools, resources, and training materials. It involves a complete kit for teachers imperative for them to inculcate any topic.

Collaboration with WWF:

This educational version care for the mental level of the students a lot, this lineament enabled Mojang to collaborate with the world wildlife fund for the purpose of producing a toolkit that can help young minds to the full extent in learning and understanding the diversity, culture, and topography.

No need for servers:

You will be glad to hear that you do not need any sort of server for playing the education edition. All that you need is the Microsoft 365 commercial credentials.

minecraft education edition apk

Additional resources:

Following are the additional resources offered by the Minecraft education edition apk.

Subject tools:

Books, chalks and digital whiteboards are necessary parts of the Minecraft education edition game tool kit that aid in subject-wise formative assessment. The element of flexibility to use the tools according to your choice and customizable length width add more controls in the game environment.


In any learning field measurement of progress is considered a fundamental point. This edition of Minecraft authorizes educators to measure the performance of the student players throughout the game. As students work on sundry projects continuously, in Minecraft education they can take screenshots of their advancement and progression. It helps in increasing efficiency along with the allowed timeline to complete the tasks assigned by the teachers.


Teachers in education edition are allowed to create non-players just like a referee in any game that instructs the players on what to do and what not to do. These NPCs convey important instructions and become advisors and consultants for students with the aim of guiding them on various on-field matters.

Code builder:

You can teach the students coding skills with the help of a built-in tool builder in education edition app. Moreover, it presents Hour of the Code lessons based on artificial intelligence along with full support of other tools with the intention of making the complex coding things uncomplicated for the students. The agent later compiles the codes and shows the results.

Digital Whiteboard:

Mojang has tried to add each and, every functionality of the modern-age classrooms in this educational game. An addendum to the digital whiteboard in the tools list is also a venture toward achieving more real just like physical classroom environments. Minecraft supports 3 various sizes of whiteboards,




You can choose the board of your choice according to your requirements.

Classroom mode:

An integral part of the Minecraft education edition apk classroom mode awards the authority to the instructor to view the overall picture in the game. You can consider it just like a map view or birds’ eye view that allows you to monitor the whole field of players, and instruct or restrict them by using available settings.

Border feature:

It is just another useful addition is the inclusion of borders that can restrict the students or players in a specific area. Yes! A teacher can use this control to limit the movement of pupils inside a red dotted border. When this feature is enabled you cannot go outside of the mentioned territories.

Free tutorials:

Availability of free knowledge, treasure house is a prominent element of education edition game rendered services. There are thousands of tutorials that are available for the teachers and mentors if they face any difficulty in any part of the game. These free tutorials are more than enough to direct the mentors on focusing on important points linked to their subjects.


Mentors can also, use chalk in an effort to elaborate the complex concepts. They can make diagrams and sketches in order to visualize thoughts and explain ideas by making students free from the hassle of memorizing things.

Hotbar in Minecraft Education Edition Apk:

In other versions of Minecraft, we get a bar for the purpose of selecting different tools quickly, but in the Minecraft education edition we notice another Hotbar with 3 slots. This bar is the property of the manager or instructor so he can enable or disable it for players.

Minecraft Edu edi free

Benefits for teachers:

Earn Badges:

As mentioned earlier, the Professional Community of Minecraft educators is a solution to many problems. If you face any difficulty, go to the community platform, post your query and get the answers. It is not worthless to be an active part of the community as you earn badges on the base of services you bestow on others.

Cool Minecraft Ideas

Minecraft uses are of great importance for the players, especially in school education departments for the kids. Moreover, we can make use of all about Minecraft cool ideas for building various architectures including Castle builds, cow farmhouses, and Treehouses for next-level enjoyment.


  • Help in documentation
  • No more wanderer students


  • More controlled environment
  • Require the teacher end permissions

Minecraft Education Edition Download Process:

  • Click on the Minecraft education edition Apk free download link to get the application.
  • The Apk file will start downloading.
  • Permit the phone to install files from unknown resources.
  • Click install.
  • The Education edition login window will appear in front of you.


We consider Minecraft Education Edition apk a perfect combo of enjoyment together with the learning environment. Kids even don’t notice the study burden and learn much more without becoming aware of that. You can further check Minecraft v1.19.20.20, Minecraft Dungeons Apk, and v1.18.32.02 version on our platform.


Yes, you can avail this opportunity by clicking the link given above.


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