Minecraft Horror Maps

Minecraft horror maps were made available for users on 24 August 2014. Horror maps belong to a famous category of Minecraft maps among the players because of their scary surroundings, wild creatures, and grisly ghostly mansions. You have to pick the map according to the version of the Minecraft game you are playing. All these versions counting,, 1.17.1, 1.16.5, and 1.16.4 have separate horror maps specifically compatible with these mentioned variants.

Map NameEscaping Michael Meyers

Minecraft presents a variety of maps based on the interests of players in different kinds of environments and playing settings. Minecraft horror Maps together with Minecraft horror skins take the form of an integral part of the Minecraft game on the score of providing extra functionality as well as charm to its users. Unique settings and Minecraft maps horror not only add new corners to explore but also try to fulfill the natural milieu requirements, that players of the game expected.

We notice numerous types of best Minecraft horror maps including basic maps, survival maps, horror maps, parkour maps, adventure maps, and puzzle maps in the game. You can get the idea of the popularity of maps by the stats that Skyblock map has more than 2 million downloads and cube survival map has 600 thousand downloads till now.

Map NameThe Mob Infection
Minecraft horror maps video
Map Name The Scripos
Map NameThe Thing
Map NameBeware
Map NameFor You
Map NameHouse of Shadows
Map NameAbandoned City
Map NameGranny
Map NamePierce
Map NameHello Neighbour
Map NameThe Stalker
Map NameEnderman
Map NameThe Monastery
Map NameInto the Depth

The process to download Minecraft Horror Maps:

  • Check for the download button present under the description of each MCPE horror maps
  • Click the button and wait for the download to begin
  • Get the file and use it in your game for customization purposes


We can conclude Minecraft horror maps add a new thrill to this world-famous Minecraft game without any exception by offering ghostly locations for risk-takers. You can further explore more Minecraft maps for the Pocket edition on Google Play Store.

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