Minecraft Horror Maps

Minecraft horror maps were made available for users on 24 August 2014. Horror maps belong to a famous category of Minecraft maps among the players because of their scary surroundings, wild creatures, and grisly ghostly mansions. You have to pick the map according to the version of the Minecraft game you are playing. All these versions counting,, 1.17.1, 1.16.5, and 1.16.4 have separate horror maps specifically compatible with these mentioned variants.

Minecraft horror maps

Escaping Michael Meyers

First entity in the list of Minecraft horror maps for 2-12 players, Michael Meyers is your adversary during the tale and you have to become conscious continuously of the presence of Michael behind you. The theme of the story is to repair your vehicle van by way of sundry parts scattered in different places in the horrible surroundings. Once you find the integral parts of your vehicle you can escape quickly.

Map NameEscaping Michael Meyers
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Minecraft presents a variety of maps based on the interests of players in different kinds of environments and playing settings. Minecraft horror Maps together with Minecraft horror skins take the form of an integral part of the Minecraft game on the score of providing extra functionality as well as charm to its users. Unique settings and Minecraft maps horror not only add new corners to explore but also try to fulfill the natural milieu requirements, that players of the game expected.

We notice numerous types of best Minecraft horror maps including basic maps, survival maps, horror maps, parkour maps, adventure maps, and puzzle maps in the game. You can get the idea of the popularity of maps by the stats that Skyblock map has more than 2 million downloads and cube survival map has 600 thousand downloads till now.

Mob infection Minecraft horror map

The Mob Infection

You explore the hidden resources along with your mates while a squashed plane lying dead see you calmly. You excel toward huge building architectures amid the complete destruction settings. Mob Infection offers the participants multiplayer gameplay together with solo drives but players love to play in the company of their friends for the purpose of getting more enjoyment of the game.

Map NameThe Mob Infection
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Minecraft horror maps video
Scripos Minecraft horror map

The Scripos

The Scripos horror map opens in congested close building settings with no ventilation. The building contains many dark cubicles structured in a row. Participants move here and there to find a way in order to achieve the goal that is to escape the black building successfully.

Map Name The Scripos
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the thing Minecraft horror map

The Thing

Identical to classical movie scenes of the late 80s, the thing offers the players’ to enter the small camps in the snowy environment. Many events and instances of the “The Thing” Minecraft horror map show glimpses of terror alike the frightening shots of the film. Players put their exertions to come out of the base camps safe and sound in the parable.

Map NameThe Thing
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beware minecraft horror map

Beware Minecraft Horror Map

Beware of the forthcoming horrible livings in grisly background music, unpredictable dangers with an unpleasant effect on the body and mind while having in contact with your wife on the messages. Your soul-mate guide as well as instruct you about the hidden dangers throughout the play but unfortunately, you find yourself helpless in the end in a complete dark ghastly milieu.

Map NameBeware
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for you minecraft horror map

For You

Minecraft Horror Maps for PE carries jumpscares with a perfect blend of horrifying sounds in a school building’s educational setting. The motif of the story presents the news about the re-entering souls of deceased class-fellows. This horrible information becomes the very reason for the players to leave the school building as soon as possible. Successful bolt for freedom results in the winning of the game.

Map NameFor You
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house of shadows horror map

House of Shadows

A minigame map is commonly known as hide and seek map as you continuously try to run and hide in bunkers, and buildings along with against the tree trunks so that you may not be caught by the unknown brute who aimlessly follows you all the time. Few players consider these settings the worst out of all horror map biomes due to unanticipated frequent attacks by the feral adversaries.

Map NameHouse of Shadows
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abandoned city minecraft horror map

Abandoned City

Comprising the support for both single as well as multiplayer gameplay, strange in the category of all-new Minecraft horror maps multiplayer, the abandoned city horror map consists of architecture and resources full of chemical substances of different colors like the after-effects of some sort of chemical bombing. This full-of-chemical fluids city invites the players to find the fallacious settings and wrongdoings done by the creepy living.

Map NameAbandoned City
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granny minecraft horror map


Granny Minecraft’s horror map is quite interesting because of the exciting efforts required to get out of the problems set forward by granny when you enter her house. Dear! Escape is not easy whatsoever, and you will have to face the knotty traps set out during the gameplay. The prominent thing about the Granny map is its terrifying imagery full of trepidations. Players who do not bother to escape timely out of the scary house come to accept the fury of the angry Granny.

Map NameGranny
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Pierce horror map


Pierce is full of horrors but a simple sophisticated map with no complexities of biomes in it. It allows the players to play smoothly in the dark buildings, work against the creepy entities and do some work for their survival in the enormous structures continuously.

Map NamePierce
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hello neighbour minecraft horror map

Hello Neighbour

True essense of Minecraft horror maps in multiplayer roll, mysterious map gets its name from the famous game named Hello Neighbour. The parable begins with the surroundings in which the main player lives with one of his neighbors. They both reside in nearby apartments, enjoy the farms, and cherish a social life. Later in the story, the neighbor appears to be a wild ghost who teases the player and compels him to hide behind bars.

Map NameHello Neighbour
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the stalker minecraft horror map

The Stalker

The player who survives till the end gleans the reward of the game on the stalker horror map. Many players consider this a frightening map because of the predicted death of the individual. The story revolves around a scary mud house surroundings where all the players scuffle to gather survival items. A villain stalker visits the place where players reside in each session and kills the player with the least number of resources. Moreover, this map not only includes jumpscares but also allows the play of 2 to 8 players.

Map NameThe Stalker
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the monastery horror map


As the name of the map on a mob name give us the clue about its functionality, and the wildness of the settings, in this horror map players have to search for the eight eyes present at different places in the gameplay while salvaging themselves from the ferocious attacks of savage mob Enderman. If you intend to conquer the play you should complete searching the eye before it’s too late and you get captured by the villain.

Map NameEnderman
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the monastery horror map

The Monastery

The monastery is the most famous one in the Minecraft horror maps catalog and is a multiplayer horror map that contains scary tales, frightening music, situations of injuries, terrifying resources, and unexpected horror traps throughout the game. In this map, you and your friends struggle to survive in horrific surroundings while exploring various buildings.

Map NameThe Monastery
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into the depth Minecraft horror map

Into the Depth

As the name of the map suggest “Into the Depth” means a scary setting full of darkness and brimmed with scary creatures along with thrills. This stony outlook map encompasses the players into its wildness not only physically but also mentally. You find yourself facing feral beasts along the way, fighting with the brutes on missions while going deep down into the dark. Your confrontation with the foes increases as your progress in the game and you experience more fear while entering castles besides attacking creepy creatures.

Map NameInto the Depth
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The process to download Minecraft Horror Maps:

  • Check for the download button present under the description of each MCPE horror maps
  • Click the button and wait for the download to begin
  • Get the file and use it in your game for customization purposes


We can conclude Minecraft horror maps add a new thrill to this world-famous Minecraft game without any exception by offering ghostly locations for risk-takers. You can further explore more Minecraft maps for the Pocket edition on Google Play Store.

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