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minecraft pocket edition apk
Apk NameMinecraft Pocket Edition Apk
Size105 MB
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Device Requirements:

android os Minecraft pocket edition
OS Android
Adreno 300 Series or equivalent
RAM for pocket edition
4 GB
hard disk
1 GB

Free available on our site, Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk which is commonly known as MCPE in video gamer circles, released on 7 October 2011, is a sigh of relief for gamers who love to enjoy Minecraft games on their android phones in lieu of computers. It is basically a 3D pixelated blocks game full of unimaginable materials imperative for crafting, mining, seeding, building, and combating. All this supported stuff leads you to produce a world of your heart.

Minecraft pocket edition sales graph
Pocket Edition Sales Graph

Retrospective, in inception it was ousted just for Xperia play, 2 months later was made available for phones, and just after a year of release, it was presented on Amazon stores for sale for 6.99$ for the very first time. Followed by the new developments world had seen a new Minecraft PE lite 0.2.1 version with limited resources and no game world-saving service.  The full version release for windows 10 phones in 2017 has taken this form of the game finally.

This Minecraft update of the latest pocket edition for android is mind-boggling entertainment with a blend of excellent improved graphics, identification capes attire as well as sweet sounds. You feel yourself in a completely new world because of unique places, backgrounds, skins, and textures. If you are a creative person you can do wonders for sure in this game which supports installations of other latest creations by the Minecraft app community.

The apparent difference we can focus on initially is the use of touch and fingers in lieu of a keyboard and mouse for playing the java version of the game. Players choose games that are not only in line with their interests but also viable to play on the hardware of their own choice, hence this game is best for mobile phones on the score of its prominent features.

Minecraft game pocket edition free download

Salient attributes of Minecraft game pocket edition:

The following are the most prominent features that qualify the Minecraft pocket edition apk as a separate category game for mobile phones luckily get Minecraft everything just with a click on our site.

Excellent graphics:

In my opinion, Graphics get the first priority in case of any game we play on our android devices. Game developers also consider it a top-notch priority as it defines the overall worth of an interesting application. Good graphics of the Minecraft pocket edition apk enhance your experience of interaction with different elements and convey the basic theme of the game in an impressive way where your communication with the objects is made easy. Stats depict that more than 54% of the student players choose games on the basis of graphics presentation.

This Minecraft Latest update Supports multiplayer gameplay:

If you have Xbox live account, you are good to enjoy the multiplayer feature of this game. Max of 4 players is allowed to play at a time. If you are tired of playing alone, the multiplayer option in the Minecraft pocket edition apk could be a wise choice for you to enjoy the app to the brim as you are allowed to participate in the play with your friends. You get an amazing opportunity to struggle and survive with friends in this virtual experience.

More suspense:

MC Pocket edition game includes more suspense in its plot as compared to other versions of the app. When you start the game you are welcomed by a blank screen, Press my world icon and the story begins. Players have to face sundry unseen threats that occur periodically plus frequently and have to prepare themselves against wild creature attacks. It is noted that suspense positively influences the element of enjoyment in any game, nevertheless is the case with this very edition.

Cool Sounds in Minecraft games for kids:

One of the salient features of one of the best apps in Minecraft games that you can play is Good quality sounds like Ambient Cave, Ambient Basalt, Ambient Crimson Forest, and Ambient Soul Sand Valley can take the gusto level to the next level allowing players to excitingly participate in the Apk with devotion. Music in-app catapults you toward the reign it aims to present you.

Sound libraries of the Minecraft pocket edition apk can touch you on an emotional level throughout the play. You can get an idea about the importance of music in the game by muting it one time just to check. Moreover, music elements add a layer of concentration and focus throwing players to dig dive into the gameplay. Lot of people out of 33% of individuals that play video games quite often give special importance to game sounds.

Unpredictable environment:

What we see new in the case of this pocket variant of Minecraft is an unpredictable environment prone to more lethal attacks by wild creatures. You face a dynamic play every time, so you have to prepare and play the game more attentively with no distractions at all. Moreover, the unseen environment of the game salvages you from getting bored with the game as easily as obvious plots and predictable strategies are the things not acceptable for real gamers at least. Players love to explore the unseen which gives them not only endless enjoyment but also come up with confidence to try more neo-creative games.

Require continuous use of fingers:

As described earlier it is a game for cell phones, so definitely involves the use of touch and fingers. It is actually the choice of the players that matter. Playing In the Minecraft pocket version we use fingers plus thumb the whole time, conversely, in the case of a computer, we use a mouse together with the keyboard in order to serve the purpose of getting going the game. Some players find it easy to play the game with the help of touch as it entails fewer physical movements.

Minecraft PE Apk MCPE

Minecraft Mobile Download

A common question we see these days is: What game of Minecraft I can play? Minecraft sign up free on our web portal and cherish a hassle-free apk file of the game for your android cell phone from the link mentioned above, Click and pick the game.

Pros and cons of Minecraft PE Apk:

Contain fewer monster variants:

Some consider it a drawback while many believe it has an edge of easiness, the involvement of fewer monster variants including Great Beast, Hydra, Behemoth, and Griffin in MCPE latest version. It is ok for the players who love to keep themselves on the easy-going side of playing a simple game however, it could be a hurdle for the players who love playing in survival aspects as they have a strong inclination to be part of tough scenarios with hard levels.

Hold Compact smaller world:

Minecraft pocket variant world is a compact smaller world as compared to the main version. Minecraft PE Apk contains limited tools, creatures, and hence a compact world as an upshot. In a nutshell, we can say this feature may seem different for various players, some can show a strong tendency toward little functionalities in contradiction to some individuals who consider it a drawback or the rift in the cloud of enjoyment.


Lack of originality in a game produces a gap between the game environment and the player by creating a negative impact on overall pleasure. As this is a three-dimensional environment, it tries to paint a picture in each frame that the sandbox building looks so close to the original that later becomes the cause to elicit new ideas from the mind of the player.

Virus Free:

In this modern age, we look a little bit hesitant to click on links other than the Minecraft store or Google play store on the score of security issues, but this game is completely virus free and does not put you at risk of losing your personal data. Feel free to download it with just a click of the link.

Game Styles in Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk:

This version of the game offers two game styles, the 1st one is the creative mode in which you build architectures. The second one is a survival mode in which players face attacks and health issues.

Some new places plus villages:

MCPE apk provides you with an immense opportunity to not only explore some new villages including Savanna village, and Taiga village with Desert village but also offer some original interaction at the next level with the villagers. You live with the villagers, understand their financial and organizational systems, and also use them for the purpose of trading.

minecraft gratis

Minecraft Dropper

The dropper containing a total of 9 spaces is a put-in and take-out block that is not only used to pull and push various items into other containers but also acts as a repository and Redstone component responsible for the movements of other objects. Its main uses include Noteblock and vessel. You can play with the inventory objects after entering into the Graphical user interface of the dropper.

Download Minecraft pocket edition gratis:

Out of the 8 Billion population in the world, 40% of people play video games and a numerous number of them want the games free. So, Just another plus point for the players who are looking for a free Minecraft account or Minecraft PE login is that they get the original Minecraft pocket edition free download on our site without any kind of problem. They have just to click in order to pick the apk file and that is all good. Some other platforms also allow users to play the game online who scuffle to ignore the installations so that their fewer storage devices may not get overwhelmed with the extra data.

Installation Process:

⦿ First and the foremost step are to go into your phone settings.

⦿ Click the Security menu.

⦿ After clicking the security menu you will see the option to allow unknown sources.

⦿ Set this option to allow.

⦿ You will get a warning message after that.

⦿ Ignore the warning and click ok.

⦿ Now click on the Minecraft PE download button.

⦿ Look for the Minecraft pocket edition apk file in your phone’s file manager section.

⦿ Click install.

⦿ Wait for the installation to complete.

⦿ Enjoy the game.


We can conclude Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk furnishes an extraordinary free way of recreation plus relaxation for creative android game lovers as the name pocket suggests. you can also download version v1.18.32.02 from our site.


Wherever you move with your phone, you can enjoy full access to this game. Furthermore, it could prove the best engagement in your leisure time.

No, it does not lag at all while you play.

Minecraft pocket edition apk is specially built for cell phones, however, if you are excited to enjoy this charm on your computer, install any sort of emulator on your system first. After installation, you will be able to play the phone-supported version without any worry. Last but not least point of attention here is you can face a little bit of lagging in that scenario.

This is the question asked by many people how to get Minecraft pocket edition free? You will be delighted to know after knowing that Yes, you can get this edition free of cost from our website.

You can rummage for the link given below the table at the inception of our article. Get the Apk file and enjoy the play on your android device.

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