Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk: Premium Skins, Eternal Life

pocket edition
Apk NameMinecraft Pocket Edition MOD Apk
Size539 MB
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System Specifications

android os Minecraft pocket edition
OS Android
Adreno 300 Series
RAM for pocket edition
4 GB Minimum
hard disk
1 GB

All of us are much familiar with this game due to its immense popularity. Minecraft pocket edition mod Apk not only contains a journey of exploration, creative crafting, and hard survival but also subsumes the fight scenes with mobs by providing an edge of all skins unlocked together with immortality.

You survive in circumstances much identical to our real-life situations along with the entertainment of getting interaction with precious ores like gold, platinum, and silver after mining.

Everyone wants to get Minecraft for free, but that is not the case and it is sold by Mojang studio. However, this is not the end of the world and you will be happy to know that you even can enjoy the free version of it that include a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yes, you get that right, you can enjoy the free version for 90 minutes with non-transferable resources as you are not allowed to shift the build to paid version whatsoever.

minecraft pocket edition mod apk

The protagonist in any gameplay has a vital role and the whole story of the game revolves around him or her. Minecraft world of pocket edition put the player or protagonist in a world unknown to him. The player thrives thereby making the environment as ideal as he can with the aid of the resources he is provided with. Users try to make new tools, grow new fruits and other food items, seed them, plant them, and try to get new instruments for the purpose of making a successful living in the game.

Moreover, you face attacks by evil spirits, zombies, dragons along with powerful beasts. Hence, you should be prepared enough to defeat these wild creatures with the help of getting support from your crafted tools as well as from the underground living places, homes, and caves.

Game Strategy

The strategy in the game remains the same as we have to focus on the same key elements as we focus on the original variant of the game. The very first thing to think about is the required food imperative for life. We go to different places including jungles, villages, hilly areas, and corn fields in search of grain, vegetables, and fruits with the intention of making sure our survival. We get the energy bracket together with a bar that shows our remaining power.

Once the power bar is filled enough or up to the brim, we can focus on our other targets in the play. We advance our movements toward crafting various items then. As we move further in the play, we attempt to build new tools, neo-villages as well as large castles. During the creation of these architectures, there is a strong chance to get attacked by monsters. So, you need sharp tools including knives, swords, and armor in order to defend against the attacks.

Salient features of Minecraft pocket edition mod apk:

I am going to list down some of the key features linked to this mod only and you can not get these prominent traits in original version or in other variants of this interesting game.

Unlocked all skins

Skin is the thing that makes you different from others in any place. For example, in the real world, we take special care of clothes as they give us a unique identity to our personality. The case remains the same in video games, skins are the sources of constructing a different image of you in the game settings. You can check the appearance of your character by viewing it from sundry perspectives with the help of a game camera.

If you play the original version you need money to buy the skins in aim to show yourself as unique in the play nonetheless, our Minecraft pocket edition mod apk gives you access to all premium skins including dead pool, iron man, wonder woman as well as Captain America without charging a single penny. However, another boon of unique skins is the functionality they provide in different scenarios as some provide a strong defense against deadly attacks, some help you in survival and some assist in the fight.

Eternal life

One more big difference of attention in our mod from the main variant is the concept of immortality. Sometimes we are so in touch with the game that we can spend hours of hours enjoying the game and that is true in the case of Minecraft. It is addictive to a great extent that users want to play without the distraction of losing their life. All thanks to MC PE mod apk which not only allows the players to relish the game for unlimited time but also offers the feature of immortality.

This above-mentioned feature gets the buttress actually from the cessation of the health bar. As far as your health bar is stuck at a specific point, you are not going to die in the game. Immortal powers permit you to have the benefits of working as well as participating in the play action without any fear which not only paves the way for extraordinary creations but also generates a sense of chivalry in the participants.

How to download Minecraft pocket edition mod apk free:

  • Click on the download link given above.
  • Wait for the mod apk file to download.
  • Go to settings of your phone> click allow file installation from unknown resources
  • Go to phone files> download folder> find Minecraft pocket edition mod apk
  • Click install
  • Enjoy the play



Just download the MCPE mod Apk from our link.


MCPE mod apk is a unique piece of entertainment for the players who love to be creative in the games encompassed by unanticipated fears of combats with bad spirits and dragons, full of diversity and adventures with the milieu of caves, mines, hilly areas, oceanic scenes, and deserts. Minecraft pocket edition mod apk contains abundant of all ahead mentioned attributes for the players.

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