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Minecraft story mode Apk is gratis to download for android from our website. Published by telltale games with the collaboration of Mojang, this episodic game was released on 13 October 2015 for the very first time. It is a solo variant that goes along with the lines of ancient stories. Plots of the game are based on classical tales in which the character Jessie is the main element of interest throughout the game.

Till now 2 seasons of Minecraft story mode mobile version have been released. 1st season contains a total of 8 episodes, out of these eight 5 had been released till March 2016 named order of the stone, the assembly required, the last place you look, a block and a hard place, and order up. The remaining 3 include a portal to mystery, access denied and a journey’s end released later on. Season 2 holds 5 episodes, and hero in residence and giant consequences are two of the famous ones.

Minecraft Story Mode Video

Jessie and his or her friends olive, axel, petra, and Reuben scuffle to find the 4 members heroic group named order of the stone that slays the dragon. The crew thinks of them as giants but they find them in an ordinary village living a simple life. In the initial episodes of the game, Jessie’s crew tries to act courageously for the betterment of villagers for the purpose of making their resemblance with an order of the stone.

Minecraft Story mode Apk season 1:

Episode 1:

The first and foremost plus most interesting episode of the game is free for the users and you need to purchase the complete game if you want to enjoy the other episodes. When you start the game you are given the choice to select your gender, then a by default given name is assigned to your character that is Jessie. The whole story revolves around the character Jessie. In this first episode, the crew goes in search of the order of the stone members, this group includes Gabriel the warrior, Redstone engineer, griefer, and Soren the architect.

This part of the full Minecraft story mode apk is built on RPG lines in which each character separately put forward efforts to build its capabilities. Every decision of the character matters a lot in this plot, as the storyline moves along with your choices. You have to make decisions about resolving conflicts, and about the companionship of certain characters e.g. I selected luke to join the crew in the next episode of the game.

Players face the Dying the destructive boss in the play, who can obliterate the surroundings by getting worst if not checked properly before time. The dying boss can be created by the mixture of the sand and the skulk. In the first episode, you squander much of your time in searching for the skulls and you face the boss in the end as an upshot.

It seems to some players boring, watching the screen and waiting for a turn to interact in the story that will matter to your future in the game but that is the real beauty in the game. You get enough time for making your decisions this way. I prefer to enjoy the whole 90 minutes allowed time of the play.

While playing the first episode I faced a conflict with the Withstorm on some decisions. Mawei the tiny girl keeps the boring away from you by beating about the bush and bypassing escapades to keep the spirit alive in the game. Another edge in this part is you need not worry about the blood wastage as it is filled up to the brim in the next episode.

While attending EnderCon, the crew feels something fishy, and they look for Gabriel and engineer everywhere, but they find nothing. Eventually, the whole environment changes to bloodshed, and Jessie along with the other 3 members decides to fight against these evils. After getting victory crew decides to go on a quest of finding the order of the stone members.

Jessie along with the other 3 members after finding the order of the stone finds nothing to do except build a village. In this competition, all the characters start building by the blocks whatever they want.

When I played the first episode, my team got defeated and I noticed some sort of conspiracy behind that.

minecraft story mode season two

Episode 2:

Episode 2 of the Minecraft story mode apk is opened by the surroundings of Jessie running in Beantown village. In episode two of this telltale game, we face the villain named Admin. It is a monster who attacks a large village with the intention to destroy everything that comes in its way.

The main goal in this episode is about finding the maximum foibles of the monster Admin so that it can be defeated. Jessie strives to collect the max number of weaknesses of Admin and in the end, it is attacked with full force and killed.

Episode 3:

Episode 3 the last place you look starts with the yarn-made settings of Soren’s woolly world. The main objective to achieve in this episode is of getting 3 levers. You incept the journey of scavenging these levers present behind specific characters. You can find the 1st lever in the back of Petra. You go to petra and talk on some matters and then hit the first lever.

You continue your struggle in search of the second lever. For this, you go to the place where axel and Olivia are present and press the lever behind Olivia. Players discover the 3rd and the last lever in the back of Lukas. When you are done pressing all the levers, now you are allowed to press the open button that paves your way toward Soven’s home. You find the chest and the maps for further movements in the game from there.

Minecraft story apk

Episode 4:

A block and a hard place are known as episode 4 in the story mode edition of the Minecraft game. In this episode, the Witherstorm becomes more destructive. The chief objective of a hard place known is the demolition of the command block that is placed in the center of the body of the monster.

We face a lot of in-group conflicts here. I played the game and voted for Lukas to move with us to the next episode, the overall vote percentage in this decision was 60%, but I was threatened of pulling apart the group by some of the members of the crew though the percentage of the voting was enough to buttress my decision of taking the Lukas with us.

Players are allowed here to craft their weapons. They also make the decision about getting into the witch hut for the purpose of getting the sweet cake. In this part of the episode, you can also face some sort of bad conflict.

Episode 5:

Placed at number 5th in Minecraft story mode Apk, this “Order up” part. The story begins in episode 5 with the advancements of Jessie together with the crew to a temple. While moving toward the temple they are secretly attacked by the Ocelot.

Heroes come into contact with the ruler of “Sky City” with the aim of ceasing Aiden from plotting serious dangers against the city. They advise the ruler to strict the security and regulations so that Aiden can not move further toward the obliteration of the town. On the contrary Aiden work against the benefits of Jessie and his crew. He tried to make the king believe that the crew of heroes is worthless to their village and that they should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Minecraft story mode season 2:

In Minecraft story mode season two, we see completely new settings with new architectures and surroundings. Jesse along with their friends defeated the bad soul wither storm after a long-term struggle of getting the victory. The crew becomes an astonishing heroic figure for the villagers after salvaging the planet from the tyrannies of wild creatures.

They are much happy however there has been an increased burden of more and more responsibilities on them. Now they have no time to wander around with each other. Their fun is replaced by welfare tasks. An unanticipated event triggers their camaraderie to flourish again and they embark upon a new adventure.

You can go for Minecraft story mode season 2 download from our link in order to get the season two Apk for free.

minecraft story download
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Minecraft story mode download Procedure:

  • Click the download Minecraft story mode Apk free link given at the start of the post
  • It will incept Apk file downloading
  • Click the install button after giving the permissions
  • You can also try Minecraft story mode download for pc


  • In all Minecraft story mode Apk episodes, your decisions decide your future and greatly impact the next plots to come in the episode.
  • The telltale game includes an interesting storyline in all parts.
  • Plenty of episodes we experience in Minecraft story mode Apk android version.
  • Enjoy the voices of favorite actors including, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Scott Porter, and Martha Plimpton.


  • The only episode you get free is the first episode.
  • The game leaves the characters idle in some places.


Hence, the Minecraft story mode Apk is not only a splendid piece of gusto for the players but also an interactive episodic video game offered by the telltale game studio. The game is full of adventures in which heroic characters try to assemble the order of the stone crew by defeating the monsters in each chapter of the episode. If you are a Minecraft lover, I recommend you to play Education Edition or the v1.19.20.20 this version of the game too.


You can get this free from our website.

94, 38, and 73 minutes in a sequence.

There are 6 chapters in each episode of Minecraft story mode Apk.

Install the game, a play screen will appear. Click play and the game will start.

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