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minecraft trial
NameMinecraft Trial
Size219 MB
OSAndroid 6.0+
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Device Specifications:

android for minecraft trial
OS Android 6.0+
Adreno 630
3 GB
hard disk
1 GB

The best way to pay for a game is to enjoy it at a specific instant time. Minecraft Trial is the official version offered by Mojang for a great number of countries on Nov 1, 2018, to try it for free without charging a single dollar for a limited time in survival mode only. You can relish plus cherish extreme dry and hot desserts, frozen ambiance, oceans, rivers, jungle encompassed by high pinnacle trees together with dead herbs, pathetic spirits with feral mobs, dragons, spiders, and much more in this trial of the game.

Video on how to play the Minecraft trial

This version not only allows you to go through the whole Minecraft milieu as well as structures but also permits you to get familiar with the multiple tools like swords, daggers, knives, creatures like villagers, workers, and sundry shimmering objects of attention including chests full of gold and silver. You can take the gusto to peak by experiencing all of that which is experienced by a user who purchases the paid version of the play.

The real beauty of this trial game apk is that it allows you to get some taste of the game with no locked feature in the survival mode besides users can take enjoyment without any restrictions however, unfortunately, some of the 3D blocks and their functionalities do not work in this free game trial edition.

minecraft trial free

Salient Features of Minecraft Trial:

Free Apk:

Its chief trait of it is its free availability for players all over the planet. Not only this but things have been made easy by allowing Minecraft trial Apk download free and play for any kind of device including windows, android, and PlayStation 3 and PS4. Owners of Minecraft want quality gamers to test the game prior to buying it so that they may have no regrets after this.

Limited Time:

Players are allowed to play the trial game for 1 hour and 40 minutes for free. This limited-time offer creates a sense of urgency in users to purchase the game. After the time evaluation of 100 minutes the environment along with resources are locked, maps are folded and movement is ceased. The point to be noted here is that playing length depends on the type of device on which you are taking the pleasure of this unique piece of gusto.

Only One Mode Allowed:

As this is the gratis variant so other modes except survival mode are locked in this version. Players in it craft, explore and look up for things imperative to make sure survival of the individual. If you have intentions to enjoy all the modes you should go for the paid version.

Minecraft trial apk


We can conclude after going through all the features and prominent functions of the Minecraft trial that this very game offers free access to taste Minecraft with limited controls for a specific time. You can enjoy other versions including Pocket Edition v1.19.20.20 for free on our site without any hassle.

No, you are allowed to play for 5 in-game days just

No, you have to start from scratch after purchasing the main variant.

It is developed by the official Mojang store which has more than 50 million downloads just on the Google play store.

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